Head of the Hooch - Friday night, budget friendly housing in downtown Chattanooga.  




Any overnight stay in a UTC building is a courtesy extended by the University. This courtesy is limited to allowing sleeping in the building and NOT the use of university equipment or facilities for any other purposes.​

  • The building manager must have emergency contact information and signed waivers for all participants.

  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age. All participants must be checked in at the start and for the duration of the event for emergency accountability purposes.

  • A staff building manager must be present and in attendance at ALL times for the duration of the stay to ensure this protocol and University policies are adhered too.

  • The event must be staffed by Campus Security during the event times. The security staff will remain awake and patrolling for fire and safety issues throughout the event. Per NFPA Life Safety Code, the ratio of security for participants is 1 security officer for every 250 people.

  • To offset overhead programs will pay $5 per user. 

  • Payment must be made during business office hours (8am-5pm Monday-Friday)

  • Payment can be made with Cash, Check (to "UTC"), Visa, or MasterCard.